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Babypips.com Best Forex Educational Website

Forex Education

Babypips.com Best Forex Educational Website


Babypips Is My Mentor In Forex Journey


I am the student of Babypips since 2007 when I start my forex journey.One of my fellows refers me to learn forex trading from Baby Pips School. I am thankful to him because I believe I have learned and adopt the major portion of my forex education from baby pips. including phycological trading style.

Whenever someone asks me the best site for online forex education, I refer every new student to baby pips, because they optimize great and friendly content, everyone can start and learn forex trading easily, step by step.

babypipsI decide to write this article to explain how I use to learn from baby pips, Every new forex student can also get from basic to pro level fx education.

Let me introduce myself first, My name is Mati Ur Rehman and I am running a blog providing free Gold Price Forecast using simple price action chart patterns which I learned from baby pips.I am also sharing my gold price analysis at babypips forums and contributing reports in www.fxstreet.com as a gold expert.Maintaining high accuracy rate, you can check the track record of my analysis at Gold Technical Analysis.

Baby Pips School

Babypips optimize the educational forex content in a very friendly way, and when you will start reading from basics, the art of engaging student with little jokes create more interest.

The course outline is very interesting, Baby Pips organize the course in different levels from pre-School to Graduation Lessons.


Below is some pics of course outline of baby pips school.


Baby Pips

babypips schoolBabypips CourseAfter complete each level, you will be enrolled to the next level and it will bring more confidence and interest to complete and course.

The best part after completing the course is if you are active in baby pips forums, and blog area.You will learn the practical knowledge by reading different analysis reports with their strategies.

Many different and experienced contributor post their analysis reports and trade ideas with the chart patterns.Blog area will help you the spot of the trend, chart patterns in different forex currencies.

My Favourite Author in Babypips Blog

Pip crawler is my favorite author and trader in the baby pips blog.I am reading his analysis reports since years and learn a lot of things from his analysis. Mine advise to all newbies and traders to visit babypips.com daily after completing your forex education course.Visiting the blog will help you to get the practical knowledge to develop your own trade plan and setups.





Mati Ur Rehman is a forex trader having 11 years experience in the field and knows as a technical analyst. He is an expert in XAUUSD Gold Analysis.

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  1. Bernard June 30, 2017

    Super nice

    1. dgacom June 30, 2017

      Thanks dude !

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