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Forex Major Pairs | Majors and Crosses In Forex Trading

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Forex Major Pairs | Majors and Crosses In Forex Trading


Forex Major Pairs & Crosses

You may hear a word “Forex Major pairs” during your journey to learn Forex Trading.We already discussed currency trading in the previous lesson Currency Trading that we buy one currency to sell another.We buy and sell currency pairs in forex trading.”

What is Forex Major Pairs

“USD” is the most frequent, popular and the largest trading currency. The pair which contains  “US Dollar” at one side is considered the majors in forex.Majors are the most liquid trading currency pairs in the world of the forex market.Below is the most common currency pairs traded in FX market.


Forex Major Pairs Chart

  1. EURUSD: ( Euro / Dollar ) “EUR” is the second most popular currency, As compared to other pairs EURUSD is most traded currency pair in the forex market.EURUSD average daily moves around 100-150 Pip.
  2. GBPUSD: (Brish Pound and the US Dollar) GBPUSD is also central famous pair among forex traders.I believe the good technical accuracy in this pair.GBPUSD average moves 150-200 pips in a day.
  3. USDJPY: ( US Dollar and Japanese Yen ) This pair is also great pair among traders with good technical accuracy rates.USDJPY average daily movement is around 120-200 Pips
  4. USDCHF: ( US Dollar and Swiss Franc )This pair moves opposite to the EURUSD most of the time.If EURUSD is in a buying trend, USDCHF may b in good selling pattern in the same time.USDCHF moves 100 to 150 pips in a daily average.
  5. USDCAD: ( Us Dollar and Canadian Dollar ) Is good pair with high technical accuracy rate.USDCAD average daily movement is around 100 to 150 Pips.
  6. AUDUSD: ( Australian Dollar and Us Dollar ) AUDUSD moves slowly as compared to other currency pairs.The average daily flow of AUDUSD is around 100 to 150 Pips.
  7. NZDUSD: ( Newzealand Dollar and Us Dollar ) NZDUSD is not very popular currency pair.We consider NZDUSD a major pair because the dollar is involved.NZDUSD moves 100 to 150 pips in average daily.

Forex Cross Currency Pairs

As we discuss in above lesson , the vast majority of forex transactions have the Dollar involve. Currency Crosses are the currency pairs in which dollar doesn’t involve directly i-e GBPJPY , EURGBP , EURJPY etc.

Long term traders  Pay a lot of  attentions in crosses because of less volatility during US major impacts.

Below is the list of popular crosses pairs in forex market.

EUR Crosses                  JPY Crosses                  GBP Crosses

EUR CrossesJPY CrossesGBP Crosses


Mati Ur Rehman is a forex trader having 11 years experience in the field and knows as a technical analyst. He is an expert in XAUUSD Gold Analysis.

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  1. Aabi January 19, 2017

    I have no more experience about forex because I am newly in forex market trading.I have loss my money many of time . When I have trade any pair or gold etc they have gone opposite of my trade,,I wanna possitive help from you brother.please do something for me

    1. Mati Ur Rehman January 19, 2017

      I am sorry to hear about your losses in the forex market.I strongly suggest you not to trade forex until you have enough knowledge on forex trading.
      As you said your trades always went against you, it is because you don’t know why are you buying or selling or even most people dun know how to spot basic support and resistance patterns.Its happen in forex trading when someone doesn’t have enough technical knowledge.
      I am trying to publish my next lessons of technical forex trading very soon; it will help you.
      I am also starting educational webinar sessions for those who are joining our suggested brokers IB.
      Please visit the link and join any of the brokers and email me with your details.I will send you the link and time when we are going to start our first webinar on forex trading for beginners.
      Below is the link of our suggested brokers


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