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Daily Gold Analysis 18th March 2016

Daily Gold Analysis 18th March 2016


Good Morning Gold Fantasies.

Yesterday closing above the resistance invalidate our short term bearish thoughts and confirm the bulls may  hold the market.We will have to look buy entry from lows.I am sharing different time frame chart analysis to give the logical view about gold.

Gold was in a downtrend and forming a descending channel that was broken few weeks before.That break gives us bullish thoughts with target 1370-90.Please keep in mind when ever the channel break we set our target by calculating the size of channel.So we will be bullish in gold until price break the support of descending channel.I mention support and the target area in a chart below.

Weekly Time Frame Analysis

Weekly Overlook

Yesterday break and  closing above the resistance confirms the bullish thoughts.According to technical concept when resistance break it may act as a support.So the resistance become support now at 1251-55 area.We may get some buy entry from the support area.If gold break the support in daily time frame then the next support is t 1233-37 area.We may get more good price to buy from the lows.Please look at daily chart below , I labeled support area in the chart image.

Daily Time Frame Analysis

Gold Daily

Yesterday break and close above the resistance change our bearish concept to bullish.Current market price is at 1258 and the immediate support in 1 hour time frame is at 1251-55 area.We may see buying pressure from  the support area.If gold break the support we will get better price to buy from the next support level around 1231-37 .I suggest you to remain bullish in gold and buy from the dips to get better price.I mention support and resistance  in a chart below.

1 Hour Time Frame Chart Analysis

1 Hour Gold

Don’t risk more then 2% of your total account capital in one trade.Adjust your stop losses and lot sizes according to money management rule.

We always welcome the comments and feedback regarding charts and analysis.

Wish you best of luck for trading

Mati Ur Rehman

Gold Analyst @ Dailygoldanalysis.com


Mati Ur Rehman Mati Ur Rehman is a forex analyst having 8 years experience in forex market.He is well known in Gold Analyst and having proof track record.There are many followers of his analysis around the globe.


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