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Mati Ur Rehman is a forex analyst having 10+ years experience in the forex market.Started Forex trading in 2007. He is well known in Gold Analyst and having the proof track record.There are many followers of his analysis around the globe.

Bitcoin Price Analysis | BTC Price Predictions | Bitcoin Today

In our previous Bitcoin Price Analysis, we were expecting and spotted two resistance levels. 12800-900 and 15000 level which was declining resistance line. The price moves up and reverses from the first resistance level 12800 which was previously broken support. Today I am sharing update bitcoin technical analysis to get the idea of next possible […]

Gold Price Predictions Technical View January 2018

In our last analysis, we expected bullish rally towards a 1351-55 level, The price moves exactly according to the expectations and reverse back from 1346 which is slightly lower price than expected.In the today gold price predictions technical view we will look for the possible next gold movement. I am sharing a weekly and daily […]

Bitcoin Price Forecast Today 18th January 2018

Downward movement was expected in bitcoin and it moves exactly according to the expectations and hit the minimum target level. In our bitcoin price forecast today we will look for the next possible movement and some Technical levels for watching area. Bitcoin made a bottom in yesterday movement and hit a low around 9190$. however, […]

Types of Forex Charts | How To Read Forex Charts | Trading Charts

Forex Charts Today we will discuss the most popular types of Forex Charts.These are the charts used most of the forex traders to predicts the next movement. Line Chart Bar Chart Candle Stick Chart Line Charts Line charts are drawn by simply connecting the sessions Open, Close, High & low prices in one single line.The […]

Gold Price Forecast Today 26th May 2017 Update

Gold Predictions Today Update 26th May 2017 Gold price is trading near to its watching zone as we discussed in the previous analysis. Gold is still trading in a range and forming a symmetric triangle on an hourly chart. The beauty of symmetric triangle is, it always give handsome move after breaking the triangle range.We […]

Gold Forecast Today

Gold Price Predictions 22nd May 2017   The trend is bullish and we expected bullish movement in our previous gold forecast.Gold Price move exactly according to the expectations and hit the target 1247-51, However price move a little bit more up which was not predicted. XAUUSD is moving near to its resistance zone and we […]

Forex Market Hours | Forex Trading Hours | Forex Open Hours

Forex Trading Hours Forex market is great because it effectively opens 24hours a day & 5 days a week.That’s the reason there is the wide range of currencies from different countries trade in the forex market hours. Each region has its own official hours that is why it is necessary to understand how the market […]

XAUUSD Gold Price Forecast Hourly Update 17th May 2017

Gold Price Predictions Update 17th May 2017 We spotted falling wedge pattern in our last analysis and was expected a break from narrow zone towards 1247-51 area. 1221-23 was the confirmation zone. Gold Price 1-Hour & 4-Hour Analysis Gold move lower and break the pattern from 1213-14 price although we were expected this break from […]