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Gold Price Technical Forecast Update June 2017

Gold Technical Forecast For June 2017 In our last gold technical forecast, it was expected the gold may touch 1249-51 level before a new bounce.This is what happened with yellow metal and it hit our targeted level in last week. We have a couple of thoughts for next gold predictions. I am sharing three different time […]

Gold Forecast Today June 2017

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Gold Price Forecast June 2017 In our last analysis, we predicted the upward movement for minimum target 1277, this is what happened in gold and it moves exactly according to the expected levels. The Current gold trading price is 1277-78 and recent high was around 1295-96. I believe gold could move lower towards its support […]

Gold Price Forecast Falling Wedge Pattern Formation

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Gold Price Forecast 10th May 2017 ( Update ) Falling Wedge Formation in 4-hour Gold Chart We expected a correction in our last analysis, But it did not happen and gold moves lower without any correction. The Higher low and lower low formation indicating a falling wedge pattern due to its narrow range.Gold is trading near to […]

EUR JPY Forecast 10th May 2017

Rising Wedge Pattern in EUR JPY 4-Hour Chart Hi, Traders! Just spotted a rising wedge pattern in EUR JPY 4-Hour chart. The beauty of rising wedge pattern is, it becomes narrow with higher high and higher low formation.The next confirmation in a rising wedge pattern is to wait for the break of pattern to jump […]

Gold Forecast Today 8th May 2017

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Gold Forecast 8th May 2017 Overview The bearish movement was expected in previous analysis and the target was 1231.Gold move exactly according to the expectations and made a low around 1221 level.I believe gold is still in a bearish mode and it can move lower after some correction.We will discuss the correction levels in our […]

Bullish Vs Bearish

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Bullish Vs Bearish  You probably heard the term ” Bullish Trend “ and  ” Bearish Trend “, Or  “Bullish Market” and “Bearish Market” especially when you read expert analysis or watching the reports about stocks and forex. “The bulls market typically mean that prices of certain stocks or forex pairs are rising and the bears indicate […]

USDJPY Forecast March 2017

USDJPY Forecast March 2017 USDJPY FORECAST : The dollar against JPY is at its support level in 4-hour technical chart.Current USDJPY market price is 112.72.The support is forming around 112.25 area.According to the technical 4-hour chart.USDJPY was at bearish mode since a couple of days. Meanwhile, bullish divergence in MACD and recent support rejection indicating […]

Crude Oil Price Technical Analysis March 2017

Crude Oil Price Analysis The favorite quote ” Trend is your friend ” in a forex market help traders to take best positions.Crude oil price chart in a longer term is in a bullish mode, and current oil price is at the support level of a trend. Oil is trading near to its trend support […]