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Trading Gold Analysis XAUUSD Trading Strategy We were looking for the break of descending channel resistance in 4-hour chart.Gold move high and break the resistance according to the expectations.Gold first target already met at 1151-55 level.We are still bullish in gold and daily closing above 1151 will give more confidence towards this bullish rally.The gold […]

Gold Price Predictions Daily Time Frame Chart

Forex Leverage | Leverage In Forex | What Is Leverage in Forex

Forex Leverage In our previous lesson Pip In Forex, We mentioned deals to explain pip with buying huge amount of Euro and Dollars ( 10000$ ) which may a quite large, especially for beginners.The important factor comes in, how we can buy huge volume to trade.The Answer is “Use of Leverage In Forex.” What Is Leverage In Forex […]

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Gold Forex Forecast Good Evening Forex Friends 9th Dec 2016 As per the previous analysis, broken resistance become support and we were looking for the bullish move from the support area 1171-73.The gold move lower and touch the channel support around 1170-71 but fail to bounce from the bottom.Price is moving in a sideways direction […]

Gold Price Predictions Daily Time Frame Chart